Light Sourcing

Recently I heard a phrase that really caught my attention.  “Light Sourcing.”  Ooooh…what is that I wondered?  Sounds like something I would like. 

And it turns out, of course I like it! Matter of fact, I LOVE it!! And the good news is that I already do it, but sadly just not often enough.

Light Sourcing, as described by the author Rebecca Campbell, is a form of meditation.  I’m paraphrasing here, but she says that Light Sourcing puts you into a receiving mode, where you connect back with the Universal Source of energy and allow yourself to rest, be filled up and receive all the gifts that the Universe has for you.  To connect with the amazing light energy that is available to us at all times. To nurture our own inner light and give it fuel to shine as bright as possible.  

She goes on to describe a specific way to do this Light Sourcing meditation.  And today, I realized that although its not exactly the way Ms. Campbell says to do it, I Light Source every time I pick up my camera.  When I focus on what is in front of me, the light, the color, the sounds of nature, for those few moments I am one with the Universe and I am filed with Light, Love and the beauty that surrounds me. 

Light Sourcing

There are many, many ways to “Light Source”.  Singing, dancing, painting, kneeling in prayer, taking a walk in nature.  I believe that having a good belly laugh with friends is a way to Light Source.  

I think the trick is to do something everyday that fills you with peace and joy.  Even if it’s for just a few moments.

So tell me, what are the different ways that you “Light Source” or fill yourself up?

Wishing you an endless supply of Light & Love.


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