“I wasn’t sure about the AFT process but I was in need of some serious change. A friend suggested I see Dawn and I am very glad I did. With her help and the use of essential oils (who knew oils could do that?) I was able to get clarity on a few things I was really stuck on. So glad I had the opportunity to work with Dawn.”

– Paul H.

 “Dawn has put together the perfect modality. She combines the use of IET, Reiki and chakra chimes for the most relaxing, rejuvenating experience. My other go to is the the Raindrop therapy, which includes a combination of her gifts with essential oils. I always feel relaxed and happy knowing I am supporting my immune system. I highly recommend trying both sessions.”

– Jen K.

If you have ever seen or experienced Dawn’s photography, you would know that she has found an energetic and nurturing way of weaving the creativity and magic from that photographer’s eye into her practice as a healer. She has a keen sense of knowing what a client is seeking , listens intently, and is an intuitive, confident practitioner. She has the ability to look through the “lens” and see the magic. Dawn is loving beyond loving, caring beyond caring, creative beyond creative, and I feel embraced in unconditional love when she works with me. “

– Susan L.

“Dawn’s demeanor was very warm and welcoming. She made sure that every detail about the room made the experience relaxing. Good lighting, comfortable temperature and appropriate music. I particularly enjoyed the scents of all the different oils and left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Will be going back again soon.”

– Rob L.

“Dawn is a gifted healer with a big and compassionate nature. Her Raindrop Therapy was a truly unique experience. I felt a profound improvement after my first treatment and can’t wait to go back.”

– Jennifer D.