Aroma Freedom Technique

What is AFT?

Aroma Freedom Technique is an entirely new approach to aromatherapy. AFT is a simple tool for helping us identify and transform limiting beliefs and unresolved emotions that are interfering with our current life goals and intentions.

The power of scent and the use of high grade therapeutic oils during the AFT process, allows you to shift away from negative thoughts, feelings and memories. You can then intentionally restore emotional balance and begin the wonderful journey towards a brighter positive outlook, resulting in confidence and the freedom to live the life of your dreams!

What to expect in a AFT session?

Together we will identify and set a goal or intention. We will then go through a gentle step by step process using specific Young Living Essential Oils. As you clear out the limiting beliefs and emotions, you will experience a sense of clarity and confidence, leaving you with a permanent shift in how you view yourself and the world. You will then learn a simple daily practice to help keep you on track. I will supply any oils that you will need.

AFT 45 minute session: $55.00 or Package of 3 sessions: $150.00
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